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    Lightbulb Concerns before buying ASUS ROG SCAR STRIX GL703GS

    Hello guys,
    My name is Matias and I'm new in here. I'm about to buy the laptop GL703GS and I've been watching many reviews and reading about the Pro/Con.
    One of my biggest concern is the BIOS language, I'm gonna buy it in Russia and Idk if the Bios comes in English or Russian language, and from ASUS they are not able to tell me an exactly answer about it, only that local market make everything in its own language which makes sense but I won't be able to change the language of the bios. Anyway, I decided to but it.

    Once I get it I have some task to do and I'd like to ask you if it's possible to add more advises:

    - Changing the default thermal paste for a better one.
    - Should I use cooler pad? Are they comfortable for shooter games? What about Vacuum Cooler, any experience here?
    - Lower the CPU voltage, Can someone with the same equipment tell me a recommended voltage average?
    - Is possible to manage the GPU voltage as with the CPU?
    - I'm doubting about whether buy a m2 disk or install the W10pro on the 512 SSD. What do you think about it?

    Thanks for your time!

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    I dont recommend it at all... Coil whine problem and high temps are biggest cons of gl703 (scar II also has coil whine problem, shame on you asus). It seems that you speak russian, hit me up in DM, I can answer on some questions if you have so.

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    - stock paste is usually fine. Changing it will barely make any difference in most cases. When it does, the problem was most likely somewhere else, like incorrect application, badly seated heatsink, etc.
    - Those are useless. Raising the back of the laptop 1cm from the table has the same effect. Just do that instead using hard foam tape, rubber feet or something like that.
    - You have to try it yourself since every single chip comes out different from the factory. It's easy to do, don't worry about it.
    - Yes, but it requires a lot more time, patience and trial and error. Totally worth it though. Free performance gains.
    - m.2 as the system drive and an hdd/ssd for everything else is how I would have it.

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