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    Asus ROG Scar Strix II Screen refresh rate keeping changing to 60Hz after reboot

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Juraij and I'm from India.
    I recently upgraded my laptop to Asus ROG Scar Strix II GL704 GM with a screen refresh rate capability of 144Hz.
    But ever since I purchased the laptop and started using it, the Windows 10 OS resets the screen refresh rate to 60Hz all by itself everytime I turn the laptop on or reboot it. The screen goes black for a fraction of second while I'm at login page and then it changes to 60Hz.
    I tried contacting the Asus tech support but it came of no use, and i couldnt find any related article online.

    its very frustrating to manually change the refresh rate every single time.
    Any help would be deeply appreciated!


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