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    Armoury 3.00.28 feature idea / missing feature

    Today i got the ASUS ROG Gladius II.
    I have to say, that i really like the mouse since the first touch. The software is also ok, but i am missing 1 important feature.
    When you record a macro, you can play it once, you can set the number of plays in ms and you can set it on toggle, but where is the option that the macro repeats itself as long as you hold down a key? And when you release the key it stops. I think this is the most important option on macros, that they repeat itself as long as you hold the key down. 90% of my macros go like this and it would be great when this feature can be implemented in a future software update, so that i can use my macros again.
    Hope to hear from a dev if this is possible and thought about to implement that.
    I think i am not the only one who would need this feature.

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