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    My ASUS ROG20AJ canít update the driver for Asus command

    I just recently got a ssd upgrade (It’s a 500 GB Samsung EVO 560)for this computer It was very Hard given the design of the case I‚€™ll go ATX prebuilt form Asus *next time. When I was trying to install the new drivers form Asus command *It failed saying I needed to install some sort of disk . In addition some of the drivers don‚€™t work right. The Asus aura does not change colors at all it just stays red sometimes it might change to purple. * I‚€™m thinking about either to use the original driver DVD that came with my pc, go to device manager and update it there, reinstall Windows, put original hard drive back and try and create a restore point( I tried doing a system image with third party *with first with windows 10 but for some reason it didn‚€™t work at all when I tired putting it on the ssd). I‚€™m also thinking about calling or emailing Asus support. Any other ideas you had in mind?*

    Thanks And I hope someone will respond to this *
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