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    Complete loss of audio

    i5-2500K @ 4.6GHz
    ASUS GTX 980 Strix (DCU2-OC) Overcloked to 1329/1858 MHz (boost is 1430/7410)
    16GB of RAM-Hyper X Fury
    SB Titanium HD sound card
    Seasonic X-650 Gold PSU

    The issue that I am experiencing is that I lose audio while gaming. It occurs from anywhere within 3-20 minutes of gaming to even a full 60 minutes, and it only occurs with my OC applied, now I figure I should just decrease the clocks, but even a mild OC results in this. I'm testing with The Witcher 3; MGSV; Rise of The Tomb Raider; Crysis 3. My OC has passed all benchmarking and stress testing passes. (Heaven, Valley, Kombuster, and 3DMark). Games through Origin like Crysis 3, I tend to have audio longer than games through Steam, which is odd. I've never heard of an OC on a GPU causing, what I presume to be an audio driver crash, as all sound is gone. No system sounds after exiting the game, nothing! I have to reboot my system. I am somewhat new to overclocking as well, I should note. I've done it once before... but haven't really ever had the need to. Now with my 980 aging and games becoming more demanding, I decided to overclock my GTX 980. I'd like to wait out another year before upgrading my GPU if possible, because I'd like to overhaul my system first, then worry about a new GPU.

    So, is it possible that my card just isn't overclockable? That's what I am beginning to think. So, fellow overclockers, what say ye?

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