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Thread: 3600x + C7H

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    3600x + C7H


    just replaced my 2700X on BIOS 2301 (2406 ran like cr*p and I had to flashback) with a 3600X with BIOS 2501.

    Everything seems ok, other than I had to manually set Vdimm volt to 1.4 in order for my RAM to use the DOCP 3200 Mhz profile.
    I've enabled XFR/PBO and nothing else atm.

    Funny thing, though, The fans on my H115i PRO spins to max for ~5 secs and then revert to normal with every boot/restart. It didn't do that prior to this new BIOS and CPU.

    Is this normal or do I have to tinker with a setting?

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