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    Quote Originally Posted by Prydeless View Post
    I have a 3900x on a CH7 and have overclocked my ram to 3600 (ram boot voltage is what is giving alot of people c5 errors, it defaults @ 1.2)

    Anyways, here are my timings, set the ram to manual with the fclk to 1800 (half of ram speed, don't leave on auto, your latency will be alot higher if you leave on auto)

    Hope that helps.
    3600 was possible under the 2700x if you had 16gb or less. I am wondering is if I upgrade to the 3700x or 3800x can I get my DDR4 4000mhz 2x16 (32gb) up to rated speed of 4000Mhz. With the 2700x best I could do is get 3333mhz stable.

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