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    ROG G20ci Water cooled cpu/gpu

    Hi all! Just wanted to say hi and show what I've done to my G20ci. I'm new to forums so bare with me I bought this G20 AJ about 4 years ago, and really love the look of it and how it preforms. (I know the title say's G20ci, its because this was an "AJ" but it's now a "ci") It came with the GTX750 and the i5 4460 which i replaced with the GTX 1070 and the i7 4790. Problems that arose from the upgrade was the heat! The GPU and CPU got hot fairly fast in my opinion. Long story short; when i went to do a generic mod with a CPU water cooler (that i was going to just hang out of the top, i seen someone else on here do it that way) I thought I'd take a look at the CPU , so i took it out,looked at it and when i went to put it back in i dropped it in the CPU socket....... bent so many pins in there i didn't even try to "fix it". So here i am with a broke motherboard, which now has been replaced with the "ci" motherboard in the "AJ" case. Here are some pictures of what it looks like now. Runs soooooo smooth! I play BFV only and its working great!!! The screen shot was after about 3 hours of playing. And i still need to go back through this thing to clean up some of the temp hose clamps and other stuff to make it look cleaner.

    SPECS: ASUS ROG G20 ci Motherboard/ i7 7700 / GTX 1070 FE/ 16GIG RIPJAW DDR4 2400mhz/ 500gig Crucial M.2 drive/ Windows 10 Pro 1903 build/ 120mm RAD.
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