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    Maximus XI Formula crappy RGB

    I have an RMA approved for the near invisible RGB lighting on my motherboard Maximus XI Formula. I am obviously concerned about wasting time and money on this RMA if they are not going to fix anything. Can someone please tell me if they are actually going to fix my board or will they just say that is how it was designed and send it back. Here is a copy of my confusing chat log with customer support:

    Please give me a moment while I review your inquiry.
    Thank you for contacting ASUS Product Support, my name is Apollonia S. I do hope you are having a wonderful day today.


    From my understanding you would like to know is there something wrong with your board.
    my maximus xi formula's rgb is very dim, and doesnt look anything like the pictures....
    Thank you for confirming, I apologize about this profusely as I understand how frustrating this can be. I will do my very best to assist you with this issue.


    Can you let me know the troubleshooting steps you tried to resolve this issue?

    i ve installed aura software and have all the latest update... what else can i do to make the rgb lights on the motherboard visible

    Was the RGB light always like this?


    Did you try brighting the color with the AURA software?

    i even exchanged this board for another one at memory express
    there is only 1 setting in aura that will dim and im not using it

    Based on the check that was made HQ said that this luminance design is a combination of exterior design and LED optimum life considerations, it is already at it's maximum brightness.

    so there is something wrong with it


    why does it look different in the pictures
    should i rma it?

    If you wish to have the unit sent in to be evaluated then repaired that is fine Chris.
    I am truly sorry for the inconvenience, Chris.

    can they fix it or are the just going to return it?

    They will fix it if it is hardware related issue.

    ok can i start an rma then

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