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    Quote Originally Posted by Othello View Post
    Thought I would measure the actual CPU, SOC and RAM voltages at the TP's on the MB. Some of you may have done this in the past but this is my first time snce owning my C7H.

    With windows running I measure the following:

    CPU = 1.295, have the BIOS set to 1.30625, Aida64 indicates 1.302 - 1.306, HWinfo64 indicates 1.306
    SOC = 1.083, have the BIOS set to AUTO, Aida64 indicates 1.091, HWinfo64 indicates 1.094
    RAM = 1.404, have the BIOS set to 1.41, Aida 64 indicates 1.420, HWinfo64 indicates 1.406

    Also measured the RAM voltage during a commanded restart from windows and the voltage remained at 1.404

    Measure the RAM voltage during a windows shutdown and than power on from case switch. Voltage went to 1.451, current have RAM boot voltage set to 1.47, than it went to 1.404. Have not tried this measurement with a complete power down of the case because I do not want to deal with that current POST issue but if I had to guess the RAM boot voltage is not be set correctly.

    Hope you all find this info interesting.
    I did find this interesting.

    Curious what your LLC Levels are for CPUv and SOCv. And maybe that Dram Voltage droop is the reason why we are having to set the Vboot Voltage a bit higher then what we want it at.

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