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    Quote Originally Posted by FixGX501G View Post
    Still does not sound like a warranty case here. The Perf. Limit = Power means either that your GPU wants to consume more power than the PSU can deliver, or it the app demands more performance than the GPU power limit is set to.

    Try to cycle the Fan Overboost in ASUS Gaming Center a couple of times and set it finally to balanced! Set ASUS Battery Health Charging to balanced. And set windows energy settings (left click on battery symbol right down in the sys tray) to max performance.

    Then please forget that ASUS game center crap to monitor your hardware. Use GPUZ to identify what's exactly going on with your GPU.
    read my previous comment. using GPUZ, which is more accurate will show my gpu speed at 0-800mhz. ROG GC is just to show that my GPU was entered a power saving mode.

    perf limiter should have show UTILIZATION/VOLTAGE not POWER. Power means its in power saving mode

    note: this doenst happen at first. it happened happens regularly, like every 3 or 5 minutes. just read my previous comment
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    Just for the sake of misinformation in this thread.
    Perfcap 'PWR' means power throttling as someone mentioned before it has NOTHING to do with Optimus switching or your GPU sleeping!
    It means that the GPU is hitting it's TDP limit of say 75W and is lowering clocks to maintain it's power target.

    Perfcap Vrel and Utilization you're referring to is what you will see in a desktop where hitting power limits isn't as big of an issue (in fact it rarely even happens in a desktop).
    Perfcap PWR is perfectly normal on a laptop, the beefier the graphics card is, the more often you'll see this happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmkmkmkmkmkm View Post
    I bought this laptop 2 months ago. the issue started 2 weeks ago..
    no changes were made whatsoever.

    so the issue is.. when Im playing a game, for like 5-10minutes. fps were constantly drop in half. example:
    RE2 Remake = 60fps to 20-30
    Spec Ops The Line = 120fps to 50-60

    only happens on a game that requires dedicated GPU. game like Age Of Empires 2 doesnt suffer from this as this game is automtically run on Intel HD

    this happens regularly every 5minutes or less then back at normal, then it happens again. Im always playing on plugged in, everyone knows that.
    and no.. its not the graphics settings... a normal FPS drop would only happens on a game and area where its to hard for the hardware to process or render.
    this issue happens, even if Im idle in a MAIN MENU, LOADING SCREEN, even on a CINEMATIC TRAILER.. like why would fps drop happens while Im playing a movie file????
    all hardware are still in fine condition,its a new afterall... no overheating problem, no fan problem
    the PROBLEM WAS.. the GPU is somehow turned into a POWER SAVING MODE. reducing the performance. and auto switched into INTEL HD GRAPHICS. how is this happening? r u kidding me??? this piece of cr- laptop DOESNT EVEN KNOW IM RUNNING A GAME???

    took it to the service center and has no result, guys there dont have any idea.. if any of you can help me, I'll appreciate it.. otherwise I'll ask for a refund on this. clearly this was a faulty driver or even the hardware.
    if this was proven to be factory faulty, then you shouldnt sell this model anymore... lots of people suffer the same issues as me.

    Hey, I'm having same issues on my Zephyrus M Rtx2060
    Out of the box with some tweaks and undervolt I was getting great fps and temps then I got greedy and played around with downgrading windows to 1809, got some random driver updates that I caught me off guard no all my games run about 40-55fps when i was normally getting 80+ and that's in ghost recon.....I also get this issue where when I unplug from charger I get like 12fps when that's where I would normally get the 45+fps

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    I got the solution that I want from this thread. Thanks for the information that you have put in this thread. I am also frustrated because of this problem but I know what I have to do. So thank you so much.

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    IF all of your drivers are up to date (try Intel Driver & Support Assistant, Windows Update, Nvidia GeForce Experience, your gizmo's Asus webpage, etc), try Task Manager to see if anything is running in the background. Sometimes something is running and that is doing it. Make sure you have stuff set to not automatically start up whenever you start your gizmo.

    If you cant find anything and are sure you are all up to date then contact Microsoft. Sometimes a technician you can chat with online will guide you through a few steps that can fix you up.

    Lastly, if practical reinstall Windows. It is fast these days, and easy. After that don't install any Asus software like Armoury Crate or that kind of thing. That stuff is cancer. 99% of the time you dont need any of it and can do things from the BIos.... And why reinstall Windows? It can work like magic--and it gets rid of stuff like Armoury Crate--which an unistall of the software will not do.

    Good luck.

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