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    M.2 shares PCIe slot: help with additional NVMe drives

    Alrighty, according to the manual, PCIe slot 3 shares the lanes with the dedicated m.2 slot on the motherboard. Am I able though to hook up another M.2 drive on the PCIe Slot 3? Like have an NVMe drive plugged into the m.2 slot and install another one via adapter into the actual PCIe slot 3 and run them simultaneously, because after all, it has 16 lanes and one NVMe only takes up 4 lanes, so it should work right? Or is there a protocol that prevents me from running more than one over it?

    But what exactly does q switch mean, apparently it shows, that when there is something plugged into the m.2 slot and u.2, it'll drop down to x8 on the PCIe slot itself.

    Because there are 2 modes on this board, 2 way SLI or 3 way SLI, does that refer to 2 way SLI? 
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