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    'USB Keyboard and Mouse Simulator' option in BIOS, what does it do?

    Was just curious about what the 'USB Keyboard and Mouse Simulator' option in BIOS does?

    From Google searching it seemed that people were using it when their mouse/keyboard weren't being picked up outside of the BIOS screen (in windows, etc) but I'm still not sure exactly what it is doing.

    The description says something about simulating keyboard/mouse to PS/2 module in Windows 7 but still confused as to exactly what that means.

    Basically, I was just fiddling around while playing Overwatch and either it's placebo or I can feel a difference in my mouse "feel" depending on whether or not I have the setting enabled or not. Could be placebo but I could almost swear my mouse aim feels more stable when I have it enabled...

    Would the setting have any effect on mouse feel in Windows?

    Some posts I read said it might have something to do with a 'xHCI handoff' setting that used to be there in older versions of the BIOS?
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