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    Quote Originally Posted by klepp0906 View Post
    well... its a bit early to say we're there. and im feeling just as much disappointment as relief.

    BUT - it seems for whatever reason (unless anyone can think of something else to try) these just wont do 3600 with a reasonable amount of IO/SA voltage. Kick them down just one peg to 3466 (actually thats two pegs, 3500 is allowed as well but it just looks funny to me lol), and I'm running and verified twice now. Basically the voltages (io/sa) that are enough to pass everything BUT images (including 24hr prime ffs) at 3600, arent enough to image even at 3466.

    I moved to 3466 and set IO/SA at auto. This gave me 1.32xx IO and 1.26XX SA. Ran/passed. So i moved the SA back down to what I was using for 3600 (1.23XX) and ran again. Good. Now im walking the IO back. currently doing a 1.25XX run. Seems like SA was always okay and for some reason the chip needs alot of IO voltage.

    I dont know the difference between them but I think i ultimately found my problem.

    Should have been found sooner but it was complicated by the fact that A) i was stuck on them being able to do XMP especially considering theyre b die. B) The general e-consensus that 1.3v was too much for 24/7 and would degrade IMC. C) 3600 even with tightened timings would pass prime/hci/ibt/aida etc at the previous settings.

    Seriously, if you think your memory is stable - image your discs. Verify. Still amazed thats whats catching errors.

    Relieved I know for 100% im now stable through and through. Still sad and a bit perplexed as to how I can have such potentially decent memory, that I cant even get XMP out of.

    At least the chip itself is a decent clocker. 5 at 1.31v. I'm on custom water so im sure 5.1 is relatively easily obtainable but this build has to last while, so i'm taking it easy. Not really chasing the numbers like I used to :P

    BTW, arent you supposed to keep I/O voltage BELOW the VCCSA? Cause its sure not working out that way in this case. I sure hope i dont need to arbitrarily bump my SA voltage due to some technicality beyond my feeble brain :P

    I have similar problem but with WinRar CRC errors (
    I've resolved it by using memory Maximus Tweaker Mode 2 (instead of Auto or Mode 1). Didn't try to play with IO/SA voltages too much...

    What Mode do you use?

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    Hello, maybe the Macrium Reflect Home and WinRAR Error is another error!?

    I have the extreme board and since years i put my optical drive on the SATA6 (6) Port (the last one).

    This time i checked each drive in the bios if it is correct connected.

    But each time i replug it into SATA6 (6) and SATA6 (5) Port.
    Then i saw in the bios that the drive is moved from SATA6 (6) to SATA6 (4)
    and SATA6 (5) to SATA6 (3) port!

    But its physically connected to Port 5 or 6!

    I had my CRC Errors on the Hero (the extreme i did not checked it yet)

    BUT my idea:

    maybe this port bypass IS the problem for the crc errors !?

    I did not see any information in the extreme manual that with one NVMe drive in Port 2_1 that this
    disable Port 5+6 !?

    Is that so?

    On the hero board i connected only HDD's to Port 5+6 (no optical drive) and both drives are used for making macrium reflect backups
    with verify (and crc errors).

    So i can imagine that this port bypass 6>4 & 5>3 can cause problems on large files which are over 10 GB!

    What do you think?

    This time i only use the SATA 1-4 ports and stay away from Port 5+6.
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