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    Dead HDD connector and Fans

    Okay people so today my laptop's internal hard drive stopped working. I was playing Far Cry 5 and all of a sudden the laptop shut down. Upon reboot, the hard drive was missing from Windows Explorer as well as the bios. I connected the hard drive to an external adapter and it's working so I think it's a fault with the HDD connector. Secondly, I tried playing from my external hdd but there was terrible lag and then I realized that the fans didn't switch on. I checked ROG gaming center and it shows 0 RPM for the fan speeds of both the CPU and the GPU. Tried reinstalling Gaming Centre but it still shows zero. Tried rebooting into safe mode and even then the fans don't turn on. Because of this the system gets very hot and I'm not using it now.

    Will the service center be able to fix all of this under warranty?
    On a side note, I added an additional 8 gig 2666Mhz Ram stick and a new 500gb Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD to my system two days ago(cloned OS with Macrium Reflect). Could those new parts be the issue?

    Could really use some help!!

    System specs:
    16 GB RAM(one is SK Hynix and the other is ADATA) both@2666MHz
    4 GB GTX 1050Ti
    1 TB HDD(5400 RPM FireCuda)
    500GB NVMe SSD(Samsung 970 Evo Plus)

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