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    Question Help: POSTs from cold boot, but not from warm boot

    - Motherboard: Maximus VI Hero
    - CPU: i7-4790K
    - RAM: 2 * 8GB Kingston Hyper-X Beast Dual-DDR3 2400MHz X.M.P
    - GPU: 3GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 780Ti (Palit)
    - Cooling: Cool Master Hyper 212 Evo


    A number of months ago I swapped out an i5-4670 with a i7-4790K. The upgrade's been great; a noticeable difference. However there is one lingering issue that's haunted me since the switch, related to when the machine reboots.

    Turning On the machine from a state of Off, there is no problem; it POSTs and Windows appears a few seconds later. All is well.

    The problem is when the machine is rebooted - for example, Start Menu > Power > Restart.

    Windows shuts down and the machine is at that very beginning state when it's just about to POST, but then... Nothing. Under these circumstances the machine to all intents and purposes is running (albeit with a noticeably higher fan speed), but it's unresponsive - no signal to the monitors, no response to keyboard stimuli, etc.

    At this point the only option is to hold the power button down to force a power off, wait a couple of seconds, then power on, which, because this a cold boot, works fine - POST + Windows.

    This is an always-on machine - it serves me with a number of things when I'm not at home - therefore it's pretty important that automatic updates that trigger a reboot (thanks Windows) get all the way through the cycle so my automatic services can kick back in.

    Some extra details:
    - The status code on the motherboard after a failed reboot reads "00". It doesn't quickly flash through the other codes I usually see on a successful cold boot.
    - All the BIOS settings are currently at the "optimised defaults".
    - This issue does not exist when I swap the old CPU back in. It's only while the I7 chip is loaded that this issue rears it's ugly head.
    - There's no other notable issues with the machine.

    If anyone has any suggestions to help me solve my issue I'd be glad to hear them. Or if you need any further screenshots, info about BIOS settings, or anything else, just ask.

    I hope you can help!


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