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    Exclamation 3 Bios Bugs with CROSSHAIR VI HERO

    Note: I'm using a Ryzen 3600 so I'm not sure if these bugs only affects Ryzen 3000.

    Bug #1: Can be replicated every time; Is related to the CAS memory latency.
    It won't ever accept odd numbers, only even ones. No matter if a D.O.C.P. profile was loaded or if a manual value was entered. Disabling the "Gear Down Mode" fixes this. In my opinion, there should be a check in the D.O.C.P. profile, where it automatically switches Gear Down Mode to "Disable" if the CAS value is an odd number.

    Bug #2: This could actually be quite dangerous to the CPU. It causes the CPU fan to turn off.
    Now, hear me out here for a second, as I couldn't get this bug to trigger with just synthetic benchmarks. It only happened after playing games for a while. It also seems to happen with any kind of fan profile as I had it happen with the fan on auto as well as with a custom fan curve.
    I had HWiNFO64 open in the background so I could monitor temps etc. After closing the game, I saw the fan was stuck at ~1400 rpm (Rated for 200-2000) even when the CPU temperatures already settled to 40°c, which I knew from previously monitoring should have been around 500 rpm.

    So I started up the CPU-Z benchmark (in stress test mode), to try and get the fan speed to update. The fan speed did indeed change. But to my surprise, it kept actually reducing in speed, until it turned off completely. Temps reached over 70°c very quickly with the fan still being off. (I have an open benchtable as a "case" so I also checked if it was just a display bug of hwinfo, but no, the fan actually stopped spinning). So with the temps still increasing, and the fan not looking like it would turn on again, I stopped the benchmark and all of a sudden the fans turned on again. They went back up to the 1400 rpm they were previously stuck at. Only a PC restart could restore the proper behaviour.

    I hope you see how dangerous this bug could be and find a way to fix it.

    Bug #3: A cold-boot-bug when CSM is disabled + the LED below the postcode stays on permanently, in bright white, even with all the LEDs in the bios being set to "Stealth Mode".
    I'm not really sure if the cold-boot-bug is related to CSM, or if it also happens with CSM enabled, but having CSM turned off reduces reboot times from 16.5s to 14.5s, makes the bios display in the proper 4:3 aspect ratio (instead of being stretched to fill the screen) and fixes the LED below the postcode to be stuck in bright white when booted into windows, so having it turned off is actually the only valid option here for me.

    Every time I cold boot my PC (after ~8 hours of being cut off from any electricity source) the first boot of that day will result in windows 10 getting stuck when the spinning animation appears. Simply hitting the restart button on the mainboard makes it boot properly again.

    Bug #4: The VDDCR SOC Voltage control inside the Advanced > AMD Overclocking settings does nothing. I set it to as low as 100mv which shouldn't be possible to boot with, but it still worked. AMD Ryzen Master reported the soc voltage as 0.1.
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