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    Bad keys on ROG G750JW

    My friend's ROG G750JW hard drive crashed, so I installed a new drive, put Windows 10 Home (x64) on it, and everything seems to work fine with exception of the keyboard: 3 keys (X, S, and 2) malfunction, i.e. when I press a key, it outputs two characters. For example, typing x (X) outputs xq (XQ), typing s (S) outputs s` (S~), and typing 2 (@) outputs 21 (@!). An external keyboard works fine. So I am wondering what the chance of the hardware being bad is and whether it can be repaired by replacing the keyboard (actually, the top panel, since the keyboard is integrated). Don't want to ask my friend to spend $100 on the part if there is a high chance of something else causing the problem. Is there any way to make sure the problem is caused by the hardware? And if so, how difficult would it be to replace the top panel? Thanks.

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