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    ASUS MG248QE CrossHair

    I'm very disappointed with Asus. Terrible service. I buy a new monitor some time ago, it is damaged and no one can talk to me to solve the problem. They try to communicate with me but simply can't solve the problem ! I try to enter the rog forum to explain my problem with the mg246qe gameplus crosshair and I can't because I was being blocked in this page . For months I could login everywhere in ASUS site and rog site except in this forum! Your service is an horror film. I'm very regretful for buying an Asus monitor! Simply a bad dream!!! Now, finally, I can enter the forum and have a little hope for help...

    The ASUS MG248QE CrossHair just moves around alone in circles, moving first time after 60 seconds on and then in a 30 seconds loop! I tested it every were and with different pcs, It always happens, even in bios or uefi. I sent videos to the support and they are saying for months they will solve the problem, but nothing. Anyone else have this problem?

    Someone can help?

    Sorry about my disillusion but for years I'm using Asus hardware and now I'm very disappointed.
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