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    Angry Asus ROG Scar III G731GW laptop software issues

    Hi everyone,

    I just bought a brand new Asus laptop, the Scar III edition (G731GW). I love how it looks and how it performs.
    However, I have encountered issues from the first day of use. I will try to enumerate them below:

    1- ASUS number pad is not working. I wasn't able to install the damn thing. It appears with exclamation mark in the Device Manager and it stays like this no matter how hard i try to install and reinstall its driver. This is not a huge issue for me, because i do have the numeric keys on the keyboard, but still. Its brand new laptop, it is supposed to work, at least right now when its new.
    2- This new edition, the Scar III has, besides the RGB lightins behind the keyboard, a wrap around light bar around the base of the laptop, which worked well until I wanted to change its lighting color using the ROG Aura Core. Immediately after I have installed the ROG Aura Core and run it, the wrap around light bar turned off and never turned on. I tried to unsintall the Aura Core, install a new / older version, delete all the services that indicated the Aura. I installed the Armoury Crate and I managed to change the keyboard lighting but the wraparound bar still remains turned off and I don't know how to turn it back ON. Again I'm not huge fan of the RGB lighting or at least of the multitude of colors that can be shows on the keyboard. I'm more on to a static pastel color with low brightness. I managed to change to the preferred color on the keyboard at the cost of loosing the wraparound lightbar . I have installed multiple versions of Aura after uninstalling everything Asus related and also performed a registry cleaner with CCleaner. Nothing worked.
    3- The Armoury Crate software only shows the Aura options on my laptop. I know that is should have a ton of options and sensors, but on my laptop only shows the Aura thingy.

    Overall I'm pretty dissapointed with the software package provided by Asus. And I'm referring here primarily to the drivers.For this price point I was expecting at least a CD with drivers in the package, but instead the manual indicates me to the Asus webpage where I should go and download what I need. In theory this is a good thing, because this way you should have the most updated drivers available, but unfortunately a lot of new / updated drivers don't work well or as well as the old ones and its a big mess.

    If you know any solution to this, please help me out.
    Thank you

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