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    Node Connection replaces Rog_Ext. struggling to create cable/connector

    I have a new Crosshair VIII Hero with a Node connection.

    I would like to use this connector to get my front base working. so as to acquire the cpu temps and fan speeds etc...

    Unfortunately I do not have extensive experience with cabling and although I have managed to repin the usb section of the rog_ext connector.

    I am dumbfounded by the Node connection, as it is 2ml's smaller than a normal usb connector.

    is there a name for the size of these connections, I have tried to google this with no success. as I have such little knowledge on this subject.

    if I place the cables directly into the Node connection, I am likely to short it out. So my only option atm is to aquire a single wire connection for each cable and

    then to sand down these plastic connections untill they fit into the node socket. creating a smaller connector.

    I have seen pics of others who have managed to connect with a smaller connection so I know they exist.

    Can anyone give me a heads up or point me in the right direction. Ty

    AsusCrosshairVIHero - 2700x@4.30Ghz~1.373v
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    Titan Xp
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