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    Video Hang/Hitching after CPU OC

    I overclocked my 8700k to 4.7ghz 1.28v using the ASUS bios. All the relevant settings are correct. Power restrictions/throttling unlocked, LLC set to 5, cache frequency 4.4ghz. My ram is running 3000mhz 1.35v 16-16-16-38 set manually by the timings on the side of the kit (gskill tridentz rgb 3000mhz). Running prime95 is a nightmare so I used realbench and monitored with hwinfo, core temp, cpuz. After 8 mins I was hitting 90c with 1.26v under load then it crashed. I upped the vcore to 1.29 and tried again with worse results. 97c after 3mins and a crash. I played 20 mins of borderlands pre sequel prior to this for ****s and giggles and experienced hitching/stuttering so I knew there was an issue.

    My question, is the crash/hitching due to the heat or low vcore? Increasing it further will definitely fry my comp and lowering the frequency to 4.6 caused an immediate realbench crash @ 1.28v. My AIO cannot cool this thing lower than 80c under everyday gaming load @ 4.4ghz 1.25v6 (thermaltake floe riing 240mm)so asking it to do more is ridiculous, I know. I'm really just trying to find the top end for my system. I have some MX-4 coming tomorrow though I don't think it will help that much.

    I'm just stumped.

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