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    Question GX701GW adding 8GB to 8+8GB RAM /w max 24 GB - will I lose dual channel ram?

    I recently bought an Asus GX701GW

    I assume (officially)
    this to have 8GB soldered + 8GB occupied (I think) with 1 slot free.

    If I add an additional memory stick, will I lose the dual channel memory capability - or will I get a limited dual channel memory for 'the first 16gb' ?
    - and should I simply add one module (with same HZ/ 2600 DDR4), or remove the one I can remove and then add two similar (they come in pairs AFAIK) ?

    I have never added memory to a notebook before - but this model is just fairly more complicated (than others) to service.
    - so I would really not like to 'try things'

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