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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikon985 View Post
    Try with bios v7304
    So I tried bios 7304, same problem as beta bios 0001. What seems to happen is that the mobo randomly doesn't recognize my boot drive.
    I think I've found a fix (it works thus far) and that is to change what sata port my boot drive is using, this is a kinda tedious fix tho as I have to do it every time my pc won't boot.
    I also found out that disabling CSM fixed the unresponsive bios problem, but that seems to be because the mobo doesn't recognize a drive and just instantly boots into the bios (what else can it do?), CSM has to be enabled if I want to boot into windows. So I'm guessing something is bugged with the CSM module.
    My boot drive is a 250GB Samsung 850 EVO btw.

    @Shamino, any ideas to what is wrong?

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