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    Question Asus rog gl551 bios problem

    Hi everyone
    I have problem with my laptop gl551

    I was formating the laptop "as usual "
    after finsh formating ,enter the bios to change boot order
    my little brother I think he pres some thing .
    so I save and restart ..

    laptop is on
    light indicator is on
    fan is on
    but black screen

    try restart 100 times
    try to enter bios..also no lock
    conect to TV also nothing
    open the laptop ,remove cmos battry 3 or 4 times
    remove the cmos battry and conect +&- of the mother board conector with small wire
    about 4 hour to discharge
    also no lock

    I thing my bios is crupted

    what can I do ?

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