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    GL703GE: Is it okay to leave Turbo Gear at Extreme config?

    Gaming Center has it set to Extreme by default. I'd have GC open at startup so I can switch to Standard. I only switch back to Extreme when playing games that may need it. When this PC was new, I just left Turbo Gear alone 'til I read about Extreme causing unnecessary wear for the CPU. But I'm not familiar with this kind of stuff so I'm not sure about it.

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    Laptop (Model)ROG Strix GL703GE-IS74
    MotherboardASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. GL703GE
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    Memory (part number)16GB DDR4 2666MHz DRAM
    Graphics Card #1GTX 1050i
    Storage #1MICRON 1100_MTFDDAV256TBN
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    Quick observation playing Destiny 2 using GPU-Z and XTU logs.
    I've undervolted CPU to -135v
    use vacuum coolers to help cool

    Using Extreme
    temp max 84c avg 72c
    cpu utilization max 94% avg 34%
    max core frequency max 3.97GHz avg 3.71GHz
    frequent current limit throttling: some power limit throttling
    GPU Clock [MHz]
    under load drops to 1809.5 and holds. peak temp 72c

    Using manual with clocks set to zero
    temp max 85c avg 72c
    cpu utilization max 92% avg. 35%
    max core frequency max 3.97MHz avg 3.69MHz
    frequent current limit throttling; rare power limit throttling
    GPU Clock [MHz]
    under load drops to 1721 and holds. peak temp 72c

    Extreme setting is allowing more power to CPU but it's just throttling and I don't see any performance gain.
    Seems to be overclocking the GPU.

    I have gaming center set to manual, that is strictly because when I reboot it stays and doesn't revert to extreme.
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