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    RTX 2080 Extremely Low Performance (Battlefield V)

    Hello Everyone,

    Have not yet gotten around to start playing some graphically heavy games, however finally was able to get around to downloading and installing BFV onto my system. That being said, I am very disappointed as the game is literally unplayable (I am getting 30-40 frames with everything on LOW). I am wondering if perhaps my card is faulty... I can't quite say I have noticed very low frames in any of the other games I have tried, and play... so I'm really unsure what to do from here. Any advice would be great, here's what I have tried so far...

    - Tried a number of different settings within the game, I have tried enabling DX12, disabling it, I've even tried toggling between ultra settings and low settings, to my surprise there's almost no difference in frames with the system running everything on ultra, versus low. I'm talking maybe a difference of ~5 frames between ultra and low.
    - Uninstalled all of my graphic drivers using DDU, and re-installed only the latest, and current drivers from NVIDIA.
    - Uninstalled BFV, and re-installed.
    - Searched and found an article regarding optimal frame rate settings for BFV, applied all of these settings, and still nothing... no increase, no decrease. Here is the article, which apparently many users have increase in frames after going through and applying a number of the settings listed in the article:
    - Fresh install of Windows.

    At this point I have no possible idea what on earth could be wrong with my system... here's what I am running:

    Asus Strix x99 Gaming Mobo
    i7 6800k w/ slight overclock running smoothly @ ~4.0GHz, cooled by a Kraken x62
    ROG Strix 2080 OC
    16GB DDR4 RAM @ 2600MHz (Corsair Vengeance)
    850W PSU
    Samsung 850 Pro SSD
    Monitors (Asus VG278 x2, and a generic 60hz monitor)

    Does ANYONE have any ideas? I was honestly expecting to achieve at least 100 frames, the fact that it's under 60 however is making the game rather unplayable, and I really was looking forward to running this thing on ultra everything @ 1080p. I don't own a 4k monitor, so yes I realize the RTX2080 may be a bit overkill, however this does not mean that such a high-end card, should perform as such.

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