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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingdramanyz View Post
    Wow......what a sh1t show

    Nothing but problems with this f7cking chipset temps are at 81!


    Thanks to the guy above me, there's just too much sh1t to read. Will flashback to bios mentioned above and test for another day. If no go. Im returning all my asus ****.

    Gonna go dragon center and leave this armoury bullsh1t...F0CK 1T!
    Hi. Check chipset fan. maybe dead. my chipset temp 50-61C.
    In HWinfo64 check speed fan chipset.

    So about the bios. I on beta 2812. one shutdown and restart per 10 days. most stability.
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    Any feedback on the 2816 Beta BIOS yet? 2812 was a sh*tshow for me with random reboots/shutdowns so rolled back to the last stable version 2606. I'm interested to hear what 2816 is like before attempting to flash to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cryonicangel View Post
    Do you have a 5000 series Ryzen CPU?
    If yes, you should care about those updates, since they carry essential functions. And of course they are beta, this is new hardware that has to be supported. Do you want to wait additional 3 months for the launch to get a non-beta BIOS? Or do you want the products to be released on time and BIOS support rolls out the following weeks?
    I prefer the 2nd approach.

    On topic: just installed the latest BIOS, testing with the 5800X now.
    Nope, I don't have Ryzen 5000 CPU (I have placed several pre-orders but the supply is virtually nil but this is another topic for discussion). Still, "beta" label implies to me that there is something unfinished that developers have left in this release, all known bugs are not cleared yet and they cannot guarantee the stability or that there will be no negative consequences to your system if you go ahead with the update. Not that the same is not possible to happen with a non-beta version but in this case the developers put it bluntly into your face: "Do it at your own risk!"
    If my current system is stable and performant enough, I don't see why I should take this risk.

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