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    1. While you have the laptop apart to replace that battery you should remove the motherboard and replace the thermal paste for both your CPU and GPU.

    2. Considering the battery problems you may want to look into replacing the DC-IN board. You will notice replacements of this this sub-board are getting very difficult to find. Many G751 users have had similar battery problems and have had their DC-IN boards replaced along with their batteries and charging brick.

    3. This would be a good time to replace your primary hard drive with a new SSD and install a fresh updated Windows 10 version 1903 (May 2019 Update). This will be an excellent time to utilize that Driver DVD you downloaded from that German website.

    4. With everything apart, it might be a good time to checkout that problematic keyboard, a replacement requires dozens of screws.

    5. Finally once you get that laptop back together, you should update your BIOS to the latest version that was released, June 2019.

    6. Maybe a great time you just design and engineer a much better laptop yourself, or even purchase a new, better designed laptop (ASUS Mothership GZ700).

    7. For you, I would recommend an Apple iPad.
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