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    CPU PLLs OC need help

    Hi all. I'm trying to figure out how to change CPU PLLs OC voltage. It defaults to 1.216 and I'm wondering if tweaking it could bring temps down a bit. The only setting related to it in bios seems to be PLL Bandwidth - I tried Level 0 - it provides the default 1.216v; Level 2 provides ~1.35. All voltages under Tweaker Paradise are set to their standard values.

    Motherboard - Maximus XI Formula (z390)

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    This setting has zero actual effect on temps and just skews the DTS sensors calibration (not all of them); some will report a lower temp than others. PLL OC can go down to 1.110v, before the system starts getting clock watchdog timeouts (that depends if the voltage can be set manually or not). This setting is used for sub-zero bench runs to help booting the system. PLL OC is supposed to be linked to VDDQ (DDR memory voltage). I don't know of any drawback of having it at 1.35v instead of 1.216v.

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