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    new 2102 bios doesn't seem as stable as 2003.

    i recently updated my asus z370 maximus x code to the 2102 bios and oc'd everything and it just didn't seem to be as stable. i tried to keep the settings all the same between the 2 bios but i may have missed something. i flashed it back to 2003 and used my saved oc settings and it is back to being really stable again. has anyone else had this expierence?

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    My god!

    thank god im not alone!

    im screwed with this as well!

    the issue im worried about is with 2102 ME firmware was updated...

    not sure if it will conflict with 2003

    I also have the X code

    Can you kindly past here all your OC configurations?

    Thanks a lot!

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