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    Strix b350f ryzen 3000 bios 5008 Issues.

    PSU: Evga 750GQ 750W

    MOBO: Stix b350f gaming. Bios 5008

    Cpu: 3600

    Chipset: Revision Number

    Windows 1903

    GPU: 1080ti

    Cooler: Dark Rock pro 4

    Ram: G skill flare x 3200

    I turned down the ram to 3000mhz using xmp but still had these crashes. Used default ram timings and frequency still had a bsod. Ive ran memtest for over 12 hours with no errors. I upgraded from 1600 and never had these issues. My pc just goes to black screen, like completely shuts off at random times and restarts, and I also get BSOD, this happens once every 5 hours of pc use these crashes have been happening at random times, but most of the times when I was watching a youtube video. And only one time that I can remember when I was playing forza 4. I've played other games with no crashes like bf4, metro exodus, gears 4, sottr etc. So the issue couldnt be VRM overheating. And system never crashes even when I run prime95 , aida64 or cinebench although i Havent done that for more than 10 mins, well whatever this issue is definetly not caused by system being under load.


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