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    DIMM Slot B2 wont allow XMP profile to post.

    So I have spent the last two days trying to figure out why my new upgrades would not post when XMP or XMP2 profile was loaded.

    Specs: BIOS 1105, 9700K, Z390 Gaming E, Corsair RGB Pro (32GB 2x16) 3200MHz Kit (Second Kit, I exchanged the first)

    What I have found so far.

    - If both A2 and B2 DIMM slots are populated the default memory profile works fine (2133Mhz); if I enable XMP or XMP2 (3200Mhz) it fails to boot no matter what.
    - I have tried to manually adjust several of settings from DRAM Voltage/Timing, VCCIO, and Sys Agent voltage and nothing will work.
    - If I install either stick in A2 slot, it posts find with default and both XMP profiles.

    Kind of at a loss here right now. I have seen other say that a cooler block can be over tightened and cause poor connections or bent pins....but would that not just kill the DIMM Socket completely, or is there extra traces to handle the higher speeds? I will inspect the DIMM Slot tomorrow, maybe loosen the CPU block, or pull it to inspect the pins on the socket. All depends on why kind of feedback i get. Also, would A1 and B1 able to support the XMP profile to determine if the B2 slot is bad?

    Any help would be great.

    Edit: DIMM Slot B2 looks good, no push or bent pins. I need to verify what DRAM Freq I was capable of posting from manually changing it. I think I started to see issues around the 2800Mhz area. ** Failed Post, retried and posted to a MEMOK notification telling me to go to Bios and save settings**

    Edit 2: Manual DRAM Frequency adjustments.
    - 2666 Posted no problem
    - 2700 Failed 1st Post, passed 2nd post and was prompted with "MemOK" save Memory settings in Bios. Saved, restarted, and posted on restart. (DRAM Voltage was 1.350)
    - 2800 Failed 1st Post, Passed 2nd post and was prompted with "MemOK" save Memory settings in Bios.Did this restarted and posted on restart. BUT I saw the DRAM Voltage jump to 1.510, so I stopped till I got some more insight.
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