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    Giving Up On The Rampage VI For GPU Rendering

    Is there anyone in this community that has successfully found the right combination of BIOS and settings to get
    this board to run without either locking up or getting a BSOD while under heavy GPU load? I've been mostly rendering with
    Redshift via Houdini and it's been completely hit or miss. Sometimes I'm running fine for a day. The next day I get 3 hard
    lock ups 15 minutes apart.

    I'm on BIOS 1704 after flashing it from an equally unstable 15-something

    Everything is set to the defaults in the BIOS. I've tried XMP for my ram which it supports but felt like I was getting
    further lock-ups. I have not set my RAM parameters manually as of yet.

    I've run memtest for 2 passes (all i've had time for) with no issues.

    I've tried Prime95 for a couple hours with no issues.

    My temperatures are all fine. CPU is water cooled. One 2080 ti is water cooled. The other is 2 PCI-E slots away and has normal temps.

    I've yet to try moving my RAM to only the left side which some users have suggested. This is not really a solution to me
    as when I decided to upgrade from 64 to 128 this will no longer be a fix.

    If someone out there with the same motherboard and similar specs and is doing similar work, I'd love to heard your magical
    combination to get this board running without issue.

    These are my specs:

    Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
    Intel Core i9 7940x @ 3.1 GHZ
    64GB G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4-3200MHz
    Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme (LGA 2066)
    EVGA RTX 2080ti Hybrid XC
    Asus RTX 2070 (blower)
    Samsung SSD 970 Pro 1TB (M.2)

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