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    Quote Originally Posted by drossxyu View Post
    Hi Johnny. That is reassuring.

    The RAM is a matched kit that is on the QVL list.

    I have tried singling out the video card. I have a 2070, 2080ti, another 2080ti on the way, and a 980ti. I've tried them solo and in different combination on different
    PCI-E slots.

    Is the BIOS version 1603 you're using accessible somewhere or was it pulled from the site like some of the older ones have been? Are you using "optimized defaults" or have you gone in and tweaked the BIOS? XMP On? Off? Vanilla 1603?

    You can get most of the BIOS files here

    If you continue to have issues hit me up and Ill have a look to see if I have saved local copies. I was an early adopter and saved everything as it came out...well at least if it was worth having.
    Yes I run XMP on the RAM but all RAM is not created equal. I have the 8 channnel 64GB corsair dominator X299 kit. Runs XMP like a dream. If Im going to tweak memory I often go down on the clock by 300-400 Mhz then tighten CL until stable then come back up with clock 100 Mhz at a time. frequency it but half of the equation. Need to convert Hz and CL to time in millisconds.

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    Don't worry guys, I haven't disappeared.

    Had to abandon troubleshooting the past couple days to actually get some work done. I threw another 2080ti in my machine in the process.
    One is an evga hybrid XC and the other is gigabyte blower card. Temperatures are fine.

    I got a hold of some old thumb-drives to see if they'll let me the usb flashback so I can try a different BIOS version.

    Currently i'm on the latest using "optimized defaults". XMP is still off, as it was instantly unstable. This means my ram specifications are still wrong as I have not entered anything

    I have yet to try just using one ram stick as the projects I tend to work on use at least 32+ gigs of ram so i'm not sure how I'll be able to replicate
    my issues.

    I've been pushing my machine to the limit in it's current configuration. I am getting fairly predictable DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION's when doing an
    interactive render using redshift / Houdini. If I submit a background render without displaying any feedback it is much more stable but still has a high probability
    of locking up. So basically.. nothing has changed since I posted.

    The saga continues.

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