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    Exclamation Crosshair vi hero. Ryzen 2700 issues

    i dont know where to post this question but its a huge issue. i have a ryzen 2700. Crosshair vi hero x370 motherboard.

    gtx 1080 ti and gskill 3200 flare x ram. Windows 10. my build was running GREAT. its got a custom water loop and everything.

    All things are correctly installed. But recently iv been getting "error code 8" on my motherboard inside windows randomly. my computer will go black in windows on the screen. then ill get a error code 8 on my motherboard numerical display unit on the motherboard.

    iv tried EVERYTHING. new bios. reset ram. one stick. 2 stick. reset gpu. reset cpu. reset waterblock and mounting pressure. no bending. refilled loop. cleaned everything. i even just reinstalled WINDOWS 10 FRESH. i tried checking psu connections. everything.

    i was having issues even getting windows installed because it would keep going on error code 8 no matter what. i finally got it to work when i reset the cpu block. now im in a fresh install and just as i was about to install my nvida drivers i get the error code 8 AGAIN. everything is default settings. No overclocks applied.

    and the minuite i even get my ram running at its rated 3200 speed. ERROR CODE 8. the minuite i run my cpu at its rated speed. ERROR CODE 8.

    only when i downclock everything does it seem to even post right

    thing is this was running fine for about a year. overclocked to 4.0 at good voltages. even the ram overclocked well.

    What in the world is going on. this is driving me mad

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