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    Thumbs up ASUS FX753VD doesn't have an optical drive -- wrong info in the specs!

    Hello, I posted it in the notebooks section but barely anyone has replied and no one from ASUS, so maybe product feedback is better for it...

    So, I recently ordered the FX753VD-GC171T but when I opened the box and checked it out I found out to my disappointment that it doesn't actually have an optical drive (it has some kinda placeholder instead of it, not sure why), though in the FX753VD specs on ASUS site it clearly states that it has one! Obviously I trusted the official site, so I feel deceived to say the least, though it's probably just a mistake on the website and not intentional lying. It seems that actually some versions of FX753VD have optical drive while others don't but there is no info about that in the specs.

    I contacted ASUS and then the local service center to find out if it's possible to install an optical drive on it etc. It came out that it is but it would cost altogether €102, which is ridiculous as the laptop was supposed to have a DVD drive anyway and it's not my fault. Well, I shouldn't have trusted the info on ASUS site but who knew... Very unfair.

    Do you, especially ASUS, have any suggestions what should I do? I could still return the laptop now but I am not sure about it... Also, why would you put a placeholder in a laptop that has space for a drive?

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