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    ASUS AU ignoring me.


    For reference, i'm in Australia . I sent ASUS AU an email about my ASUS Prime X470 Pro a month ago saying that the front and back microphone jack wasn't working. The rep gave me some advice, told me to download these drivers and try it. When i responded back saying it wasn't working, they told me it might have to be RMA'ed and to go through the retailer where i bought it. So i bought it to the retailer.

    I did that, the retailer was kind enough to test the motherboard to ensure that both the front and back microphone jack wasn't working. One week in, they finally test it and say they've sent to ASUS Australia for repair/replacement.

    So after another week of no communication if it's going to be repaired or replaced, i finally get it back and the retailer says it's been repaired according to what ASUS told them. I assemble my build, and the motherboard is completely dead. I emailed ASUS AU for an explanation and they said that all they did was just do a bios update and test the motherboard to see if it turned on according to the notes and then declared a no fault. But that doesn't even address the issue of why i RMA'ed my motherboard. It turned on fine before i RMA'ed it. It's just the microphone jack.

    So far, it's been about a month since i last started my RMA. ASUS AU has completely offered no help and there's been no communication from them since.

    What's honestly disappointing is that i sent them an email before i started my RMA to advise them of the issue and they didn't even fix the issue they were suppose to fix, now i'm dealing with even more issues ( a dead motherboard).

    Is there like a way to get in touch with ASUS corporate?

    EDIT : I have paid for and hand in my entire PC to my retailer to diagnose. They have gotten back to me saying it is the faulty motherboard which ASUS did not repair.

    I got in touch with the RMA department through email who,after i explained the situation with their reps, told me to test the motherboard wiring and try the audio driver which is the first solution i was advised when i started this RMA a month ago. I can't really test that anymore because the entire motherboard is dead. I honestly feel pretty insulted. If i knew it would have taken this long 5 weeks ago, i would not have bothered.
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