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    Question ASUS ROG GL552VW sudden lagging

    I bought this laptop 2.5 years ago.
    Usually, my laptop is normally working when I used for gaming. It's always lag when I unplugged, but working normally when plugged. Suddenly, my laptop's performance slowing down. I dont even touch any setting before. Usually, I get 60+ fps on Dota 2 on maximum setting when plugged, but now it's below 30 fps even when plugged. All's happened even when I barely turn on my laptop. I'm using Windows 10. Here's what I tried to do to fix it :
    1. Setting "Prefer Maximum Performance" on nVidia Control Panel
    2. Setting "High Performance" on Battery Setting
    3. Reinstall Windows.
    4. Cleaning components from dusts.
    5. Tried using another charger with same model as mine.
    6. Updating Intel HD Graphic's driver and nVidia's driver.
    7. Tried to play without battery.
    Nothing worked so far. So maybe you guys have any idea what's wrong with my laptop?


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    Check if your GPU is hitting 3D clocks and not throttling.
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