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    Rampage IV Extreme can't boot with 64 GB RAM

    Hey, everyone I recently upgraded to 64 GB RAM. I didn't have any problem with 4x8 32 GB RAM. But my project required a high amount of ram so I had to upgrade.

    But, there is a problem with that. The problem is I can't boot with 8 DIMM 8 GB. I can boot with 7 DIMM + 1 4 GB RAM DIMM (my old Ram)(60 GB). But when I try to boot with 64 GB it just doesn't happen. I have all my EZ plugged in place (Ez 4 and 6). Here is the list of my checks.

    - No pin is broken in the CPU socket, so it works as expected
    - All RAMs are working and registered as 8 GB
    - All RAM slots are working
    - My RAM kit is 8x8 KHX1866c10d3/8g kit.
    - I tried to change RAM settings in my bios screen, but still same. Change voltage etc.
    - My bios version is 4901 (the latest one)

    So, any recommendations? Rampage IV Extreme manual says it can support 64 GB but I can't boot it with 64 GB. I can boot it with 60 GB (mixing with my old ram stick) or 56 GB.

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