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    VCCIO/VCCSA Unable to change voltage

    Hi. I'm using a maximus x formula motherboard with an 8700k 4.7ghz 1.25v

    I initially changed the VCCIO/SA voltages to 1.1v and it is rock solid, this was before I upped the core clock to x47. After I raised the multiplier it was still stable, I just noticed a slight hiccup while gaming. BFV, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, GTA V. They all had a very slight hiccup, so I upped the VCCIO voltage to 1.15v and dropped SA to 1.05 and the hiccup was noticeably less frequent, but still there so I thought I'd up the VCCIO voltage slightly to 1.17v and leave the SA voltage where it is but I can't change the voltage for VCCIO. The numbers were initially colored white, but when I go into the bios now I can't change the voltage, it just reverts back to 1.15v and the numbers are yellow, which I don't know if that is relevant.

    Anyone know why this would happen/how to fix it?

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