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    Hello All! How you've been?*

    I've been busy with my work, not too much time to enjoy old habits... However, something came up at work with one my projects: I need a small, compact workstation; easy to carry around, and quiet as possible. I need to run Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations on it - it needs to be multicore, able to run high frequencies, have graphics power, and needs RAM.*

    I still have BlackBeauty ( - sorry for not being able to complete the picture uploads! But here are the guts: The system is till working well, although it has some limitations... it's weight for example... and those fans are keeping it cool, but they are noisy...

    So, here is whit what I came up with:
    Mobo: Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming
    CPU: Intel Core i9-9900k
    CPU cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32GB 3200MHz CL14
    SSD1: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB
    SSD2: Samsung 860 EVO 2TB
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, FE
    PSU: Seasonic Prime Titanium 850W
    OS: Windows 10 Pro *

    Yes, it is a mITX board! I've had one before (Impact) also for work and it was OK-ish... My initial plan was a Maximus XI Gene (mATX), but had a bad luck with it:* I needed this system up and running, and there is no other mATX board in the ROG lineup, so mITX is for now...

    I have finished the build, installed the OS and all of it's updates - then I had to try it!*

    Started with RealBench... and with pushing the clocks... being careful with the voltages...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This not bad at all! 5GHz with 0 AVX offset at 1.25V, on air cooling - 73C would be an acceptable long term temperature...

    And it is pretty stable too:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well, I know, 15 minutes on RB is not the end of the world - but my previous experience was that this is a good indication of stability... Certainly will do some more testing with other benchmarks - and finally with CFD simulations!

    I know... you are waiting for pics of the system... sorry, I don't have them yet...
    But stay tuned! *

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