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    Question about GPU coil whine

    I am pretty new to the world of PC building and I had a questions about GPU coil whine. about a week ago, I completed my first build. I have a Strix 2060 Super that I started to notice exhibits a good bit of coil whine when I am in game. I understand the basics of coil whine (vibrating inductors) and that pushing higher fps is going to make your card whine more.

    That said, I currently have a single 1080p 60Hz monitor, if I turn vsync on, the card doesn't whine. However, if I upgrade to a 1440p or 4K 60 Hz monitor or two, will it whine with vsync on because the card has to work harder than it does at 1080p to push 60 fps? All in all, I am pleased with the card, but I did buy it recently so I am contemplating returning it and trying my luck with a new one since the higher frequencies do tend to bother me.

    I appreciate anyone's insight in advance. Thanks!

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