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    [GTX1060] DVI port just stopped receiving signal :/

    I have this ASUS Graphic Card installed on my computer (around 6 month old only max): The drivers are up to date.

    It's all nice and sweat but yesterday, my both screens from the dual setup DVI + HDMI went suddenly blank, and after rebooting only the HDMI port have the signal. The DVI port seems dead. The screen is ok, tested it with a laptop and it works, but not my ASUS card.

    Anybody else got that joyful situation?
    Hope there's a simple solution other than changing the graphic card after just a few months.
    ASUS is supposed to be reliable, isn't it?

    Eager to read you further.

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    same. check device manager and see if theres and error next to your GPU. If it's code 43, bad luck.
    I posted a thread on nvidia forums if u want to try some stuff, might work for you

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