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    Strix Tactic Pro JIS layout

    Hi there! I'm new to these forums, nice to meet y'all!

    Recently I purchased a Japanese layout Strix Tactic Pro and so far I love it. I just have one issue--When I try to bind the bottom row Japanese keys, namely Muhenkan, Henkan, and Katakana/Hiragana keys-- in game to say, crouch, when I hold the button and then press any other key, crouch is released. It's frustrating to say the least. I was wondering if you can address this in a firmware update. I'll attach a picture of me holding said keys and then pressing 1 afterwards and showing that the said Japanese keys are released as 1 is pressed, but I'm still holding the key. Then I'll try it with left CTRL and see that CTRL is still held when 1 is pressed.Click image for larger version. 

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    The keys are 1 on the left of the spacebar and 2 on the right of it.



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