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    3700x high idle temps CH6


    I have the Crosshair VI Hero on BIOS 7201, newest available at time of writing and chipset drivers, again, newest at time of writing and my idle voltages are driving me bonkers. I have the 3700x in the board and at idle my voltages are 1.45-1.48v which is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to high. Only way I can get the voltages to drop is if I change my windows power plan from Balanced, Ryzen Balanced etc... is to Power Saver, but I lose performance as a result. Everything is stock in the BIOS except for XMP/DOCP enabled and I manually turned c-state global from Auto to enabled, still nothing. Any other options/tips/tricks I can try to lower my idle voltages? These are as read in Ryzen Master.

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