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    New fresh - ASUS TUF Gaming FX705 - unstable fan on games - need help - stabilize etc

    hello, first, sorry about my talk, I'm not native English

    I have a fresh new PC bought ASUS TUF Gaming FX705 , after burning my old asus vista that held 10 years .

    the problem is the crazy fan on a lot of games , I know very well that a fan has to turn, but it's completely crazy the speed of a minute .

    on old games like hellgate london or diablo 3 or even skyrim , the fan goes up high , and on others like black desert , ride of icarus or tera , it is completely abusive .

    on a scale of 0 to 5 , 0 being the speed of rest , most of the time the fan is between 3 or 4 or about 60/80% , I had even peaks at 100% before I left avast on blak desert .

    I do not find it too normal I think that the fan does not need to turn as much as all the games I have the parameters almost all in low .

    i really need some help to stabilize or set up this gaming PC that has to turn like a rocket , leaves me a bitter taste , when we go from 28 active services and 18 memory uses on my old vista has more than 150 services and 33 of memory used on a gaming PC I remain speechless .

    I hope to have some help to try to relieve this PC games so that it finally runs without this fan is thoroughly, if it continues like his I wonder how long the fans will last before replacing them .

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