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    Slow Ethernet – ROG HERO XI and Windows 10 Pro (No GameFirst)


    I have a new build using a ROG HERO XI, 9900K and Windows 10 Pro.

    I’m having some challenges getting a consistent download speed on the built in Intel Ethernet i219-V. My internet provider download speed is rated at 300Mbps, and I’m getting anywhere from 90-160Mbps or so on a wired connection (CAT 6).

    Other PCs on the same network get 300+Mbps on a wired connection. I have also swapped my CAT 6 cable to one that I know to be working.
    From reading previous posts, the first suggestion seems to be to uninstall GameFirst. I’ve actually never installed that utility, and I can’t seem to find it in my program files. But I have installed AI Suite 3.

    I’ve also installed the 3 different Intel Gigabit Ethernet drivers from the Asus support web page (,, I have also installed the driver direct from the Intel web page (

    Could I have misconfigured something in my bios?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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