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    How fans are added in Fan Xpert

    How fans are added in Fan Xpert 4
    Hello everyone, this is my query: How do you add more fans in Fan Xpert 4? When I deploy Al SuITE III and where Fan Xpert 4 is seen (in my case) I see 5 fans described as follows:
    CPU fan
    Chassis fan 1
    Chassis fan 2
    Chassis fan 3
    Water Pump +

    These are all connected, but I also have a lower fan (# 6), in my cabinet which works without problems but does not recognize me and that is connected directly to my mobo Asus Rog Strix X370-F Gaming.
    AL SUITE Version III: 1.05.13

    P.S. In several YouTube videos I have seen Fan Xpert with up to 8 fans but I don't know how they add them.

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