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    HELP MAXIMUS VI boot issue

    Hello, I have a very mild build liquid cooled PC I built in 2014 I think? Maximus VI board, i7 Haswel CPU, I forget what ram I have in here... Like I said... mild. I'm also still running Windows 7.
    WD 1TB Velociraptor HD. This PC runs all day and is shut off at night. I use it for work and for internet. not much into games. Recently started having a boot issue. It hangs up on the ROG screen. Sounds like the computer is loading, but the screen never changes. I have to hit RESET to get it booted into windows. I am also getting a USB error, a USB device is not recognized? I removed my USB extension and removed an old logitech mouse receiver that was still plugged in and I still get the error. How do I fix this? I read online that other people had the issue and it was from a USB fault. Some guys had external drives plugged in. I think they were on laptops though. not sure if that makes a difference.

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    Reseat all cables+ parts
    set bios default
    try one stick of ram
    see what it does

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